Stupa Hills: Much more than a residential

There are places that are more than a geographical location, a landscape, a wonderful climate or the possibility of accessing a large number of services.

There are areas in the world that go beyond their characteristics visible with the naked eye. Enclaves which they radiate a special energy and are excepcionally attractive.

The location of Stupa Hills is one of these points on the map that, precisely, distills that magnetism of which we speak. An area with an evident spirituality, one step away from the Stupa of Enlightenment, the largest in the West. A monument located in Benalmádena with a clear link with Tibetan beliefs about the union of body and mind with nature.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why Reserva del Higuerón Privé chose this site to build Stupa Hills. A residential that is already a benchmark in the Costa del Sol thanks to a combination of exclusivity, design, services and quality in which every detail has been taken care of.


Homes to connect

To these innate qualities of the area surrounding Stupa Hills we have added all the experience and good work that characterizes us to create special homes. Houses to connect with this environment and that have all the comforts, as well as some dream terraces that allow you to contemplate the fabulous views of the Mediterranean coast. Open spaces designed to capture all the energy of the Stupa.

We invite you to take a virtual tour and discover for yourself everything that this fantastic place can offer you.

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