Places full of Christmas that you must visit

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, where streets are full of lights and Christmas symbols. At the end, Christmas spirit are present in villages and cities, but mainly in the people`s hearts.

It is true that it is a time that you either like a lot or you do not like at all. Anyway, we tell you some places of the world to go and embrace Christmas spirit. In this post we tell you some of the magical places for this time of year.


Disneyland Paris (France)

Perfect place If you want to travel to a magical world at Christmas and accompanied by the youngest of the home. All the Disney characters you can see then in a Christmas atmosphere, a place where the grown-ups to their childhood and the youngest enjoy it.


And if you go where is Santa Claus? Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

This is another journey full of adventure and illusion, you will walk through the Arctic Circle. It is true that Santa Claus has a lot of work at this time, but it is not impossible that you see him there. If you decide to do this travel, you should take advantage of a ride on a sled pulled by reindeer or dogs (Husky)


Prague, a city made of Christmas

This European city is a must-see at this time of the year. This city is full of lights and is accompanied by a large white layer of snow. Through a cobblestone street you can reach the castle. Houses with medieval style, shops are full of crafts, Christmas markets, etc. A cold a warm Christmas scenery.

You will fall in love city and someone. Perfect destination to with you boyfriend or girlfriend.


Moscow, Russia

Do you like skating? Then you must travel to the city that offers the largest ice ring in the world. Christmas is not celebrated here on December 25, they celebrate on 7th January (Orthodox calendar establishes it. Something that will also impact you in the tree that is place in the square of the Kremlin.


 Nuremberg, Germany

If you get lost in Christmas markets, your destination is this German city. Here you will find one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world, called Christkindlesmarkt. A place where you will sweeten in every corner.

If you do not want to spend this Christmas at home and what you want is to travel, you should see one of these places.

Merry Christmas!

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