Reserva del Higuerón | Malaga Airport

One of the best things of Reserva del Higuerón is the connection that it has with all the world, because Reserva del Higuerón is only 10 minutes away from Malaga Airport, do you know it?

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, known as Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport (but this is the name of a terminal), is a Spanish airport that is 8 km from the centre of Malaga.

Reserva del Higuerón | Malaga Airport - Reserva del Higuerón

It was one of the airport that participated in the first Spanish air journey in 1919 (Toulouse-Barcelona-Alicante-Malaga-Casablanca) and the only one that has continued operating continually from that.

It is the fourth Spanish airport with more traffic, the 85% international traffic in Andalusia.

Here more than 60 companies work and they travel to more than 20 Spanish cities and more than 100 European cities.

Its IATA code (International Air Transport Association) is curious. Normally it is the name of the city or the two first letters plus a letter (for example, Madrid-MAD; Sevilla-SVQ), but in the case of Malaga all the combination were used by others airports so they took the 4th and 5th letters (AG) and a final letter (P), so its IATA code is AGP.

Nowadays there are 3 connected terminals, but all the commercial flights have to go to terminal 3 because there it is the only security control. Terminal 1 was built the first, terminal 2 (Pablo Ruiz Picasso) was inaugurated in 1991 because the increase of passengers and terminal 3, the newest, was inaugurated by the Spanish Kings in 2010.

From this airport you can travel to Europe, north of Africa, Spain and America.

The best thing is that is very near to Reserva del Higuerón, so you can travel easily.

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