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In Reserva del Higueron we like to know the new things about property marketing so our clients are sure when they buy our houses. That is why today we want to talk about “Open House”. Maybe the expression “Open House” is not familiar to you but we are almost sure that you have heard about it in any American series or film, for example, Modern Family where the father Phil Dunphy (who is estate agent) is always doing it.

In Spain is something new, but it was invented in USA and is getting trendy in others European countries, also Spain.

Open House is a technique of property marketing that consist of opening the house to the people for visiting it. But…Isn’t it the same that we have already done? Yes, but the main idea of the American open house is very different from what we have been doing in Spain.

The main difference is that the traditional visits are done in a specific day and hour and only one person visit the house. With open house the house is opened to everyone during a day.

Some important tips for open houses are:

  • Choosing the best day that are Saturdays and free days, when the people are not walking.
  • Advertising it 15 days before. The advertising should be on little shops in the neighbourhood, local press, internet…
  • Setting up the house. Cleaning everything (furniture, floor, walls…). You can also move furniture.
  • Paying attention to sensorial marketing (visual, olfactory, auditory and tactile incentives). For example, make coffee, put music relaxing music…

Open house is a new technique in Spain but it can be very useful.

Would you like an open house in Reserva del Higueron? You only have to see the residents of the urbanisation to know that is a kind of heaven.

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