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“The aspiration of RH Privé Responsibility is contributing to our natural, social and cultural environment, and providing a helping hand to transform and improve our future and that of our children.”
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Welcome to
RH Privé ResponsIbility.

RH PRIVÉ RESPONSIBILITY is the set of Corporate Social Responsibility actions carried out by Reserva del Higuerón Privé. All these actions have been aligned with our mission, vision and values, constituting a clear response from Reserva del Higuerón Privé to all the support that society in general has provided to the company during the last 50 years.
These actions are focused mainly on 3 areas: Eco, Arts and Social.

Actions focused on the sustainability and care of the environment: land, sea and air.
The actions framed in ECO will be based on our commitment to nature and to those who inhabit and enjoy it.
• Reforestation of burned areas.
• Recycling actions.
• Commitment through sustainable construction.

From RH Privé we will support arts (painting, sculpture, design, architecture, singing, dance, etc.) and culture as evolution vehicle and social growth.
• Sponsoring of artists.
• Creation of an Exhibition Hall for young talents.
• Creation of RH Privé Arts Scholarship for young students.
• Sponsoring of events.

Concrete actions related to people or entities that are referent in society, that is, that serve as an example transmitting values, that fight for a change and for a fairer and more aware society…those that help changing the world.
– Sports: teams, players…
– Non-Profit Organizations.
– Unique people.

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Entrevista de bienvenida a nuestro presidente.

La reserva del Higuerón es más que una urbaniazación; es un estilo de vida, es Mediterráneo, es sol y muchas más qué irás descubriendo. Desde 1998, que los primeros bocetos empezaron a cobrar vida esta urbanización no ha parado de cambiar y transformar la Costa del Sol basándonos en tres pilares fundamentales: calidad, diseño.


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La Costa del Sol es la región del sur de España en la provincia de Málaga. Es una de las zonas más turísticas de la península gracias al buen tiempo que tenemos alrededor de toda la costa. La suerte de vivir en Málaga es, sin duda, pr tener el mejor clima de Europa. Esto, unido





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