Some decorating tips for Christmas homes

It is already December, a month full of emotions and sensations next to those we love most. Christmas is approaching and our home becomes the exhibition center of this holiday.

When we say decorate our house with Christmas motifs, questions like: How to decorate the Christmas tree? What are the colors that most symbolize these dates? How to decorate the gala table? and endless questions about it. Here are some tips to consider when decorating your home this Christmas.


Christmas tree

Surely the first thing you’ll do is use last year’s ornaments and even take the first thing you find at home. But if you decide to change the style of your tree this year, here are some possible styles:

  • Nordic Style: This style is characterized by creating a relaxed, calm atmosphere with artisanal elements (wood, cork or paper) combined with reds, blues and whites.
  • Brilliant style: there is a tendency for trees that do not form a real tree with green leaves, but are wrapped in shiny leaves (may be gold or silver). All complements to the shaft shall be made of glossy finish material.
  • Traditional style: the all life style, full of pineapples, mistletoe and a lot of red color. A tree full of red balls of different textures and figures (angels, animals, etc.) that would bring us back to moments of our childhood. And of course, don’t forget the big star on top.


Some decorating tips for Christmas homes - Reserva del Higuerón

Christmas colours


The most significant colors of these dates are red and green, being combined with elements that shine. The green color evokes nature, which will give us our Christmas tree. It is also a colour that transmits warmth, calm and familiarity. The color red is predominant in any corner of the world at Christmas, invading us with passion and love. Both colors arouse feelings that we feel when we are surrounded by family or friends. Adding the bright elements to these colors gives luminosity to our home by creating a space full of light and joy. In the specific case of golden pieces, it transmits a feeling of abundance and prosperity, giving elegance to our Christmas space.


Christmas tables

If this year you’ve had to celebrate Christmas dinner or lunch at home, you might need some advice to create a beautiful presentation and your guests enjoy the atmosphere created. First, you’ll decide the tablecloth. This decision is not easy because the market offers an infinite number of options, but we recommend that you choose as you like without falling into the excessively eye-catching. The best style for these occasions are those that have simple embroidery and combination of ivory color with red.

In relation to the napkins we recommend using cloth to make your presentation more elegant, and don’t forget to place them on the right side of the dish. If you want to play with shapes on the napkins, you can use napkin holders with Christmas motifs.

With respect to crockery and cutlery, we recommend that you do not use those used daily and make use of those we keep for special occasions. If you choose to buy the tableware, white glass or porcelain dishes will give your table an exceptional look.


Some decorating tips for Christmas homes - Reserva del Higuerón

For the central or lateral decoration of the table, you can use table centrepieces or candelabra. The candles can be red, white or ivory, and the candleholders can be made of silver with Christmas motifs. The centerpieces can be purchased and there is a great variety, but we recommend you to be original and create them. If you decide to make a centerpiece, you should make them with natural flowers  with Christmas figures (tree balls, Christmas ribbons, etc.). You will surprise your guests with an original and eye-catching centerpiece.


The most important thing about home decorating at Christmas is to create a comfortable space and radiate the Christmas spirit. The style of each piece and detail used will depend a lot on the style of your furniture, walls and decoration, but Christmas can be adapted to any home. Decorate your home with love and enjoy it with the ones you love the most.

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