The best ski slopes in Spain

The snow is already here and many people are waiting for this season of the year to ski. It is a highly acclaimed winter sport in Spain to enjoy at Christmas. The Spanish ski resort are already prepared for the new season that began in December 2017.

In addition this 2018 there are different date opportunities to enjoy the snow with family and friends: the Carnival (Tuesday 13 February); the White Week which is the province of Málaga (it would become an opportunity to enjoy with the family), and Holy Week has a perfect date to enjoy the snow (24 March – 1 April).

There are several options of ski slopes that our country offers us, we are going to show you some of them to plan your ski holidays in this New Year.

Sierra Nevada, is the only ski resort in Andalusia in the province of Granada. It is the closest station to Reserva del Higuerón Privé (181 km approximately). This ski resort was founded in 1964. It has the biggest skiable slope in Spain, 1200 meters. It has a total of 124 tracks, which are divided according to the degree of difficulty: very easy, easy and difficult. It is a ski resort that has invested in innovation where you can see live the location of the tracks thanks to the webcams that have placed strategically in these.

The closing date has been set at 29 April 2018.



Baqueira Beret was also opened in 1964, is among the largest in Spain with a total of 156 km skiable. It is located in the Aran valley (province of Lérida). This ski resort is very popular in the media due to it is usually chosen by celebrities. This area is also very attractive for its mixture of natural environment and artistic and cultural heritage. You will be able to enrich yourself culturally thanks to the different museums you will find there. There are 3.000 meters peaks and a large number of lakes, including the Sea and Tort de Riu. If you choose this ski resort you will enjoy the beauty of the slopes and excellent facilities.

The closing date has been set at 8 April 2018.



Formigal-Panticosa, the setting up of this ski slope was in 1965 in the Tena Valley, Alto Gallego (Huesca). It is characterized by being the resort with a number of skiable kilometers of more than 130 kilometers along 6 valleys. Among the services offered there is a very interesting one related to nature: discovering the Lacunlacha forest. It is a natural park (4 km) where you can get to know the local fauna and flora, and you can meet 120 animals of 14 different species.

The closing date has been set at 8 April 2018.



Candanchú, this ski resort is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, province of Huesca. It was opened in 1928, it is the oldest ski resort in Spain. This ski resort is recommended for beginners, which makes it a familiar track. It has a total of 80 km skiable that are divided into 51 slopes. Its logo, a ladybug, has been and is present in a large number of cars as well as student folders in recent decades.

The closing date has been set at 8 April 2018.



We hope this information is useful and you can enjoy wonderful days in some of these ski resorts. Practice this winter sport with your relatives and friends.

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